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Party Packages

Here at Fantastic Dreams Entertainment, we make fun a priority! On this page you can browse our party packages that are best suited to your child's special day! We have two main Activity Categories listed below to help you decide what you might like with your Package. We offer Makeover and Non-Makeover options. Please note some activities have an additional fee (such as the Coronation Ceremony) or require additional time added to your party if the participating guest count is higher than thirteen. If you don't see the accommodations you're looking for, or if you aren't quite sure which package is right for you, contact us and we can assist you! 
ll Packages are customizable! See the text on the right for further details!

Click HERE for our characters, HERE for our Photo Gallery, and HERE for our performers! 



Travis W. Keyes Photography

In Person Visits

Glass Slipper Package

Duration: 60-75 minutes

Includes:  Storytime, one character of your choice and one Makeover activity, OR two non Makeover activities!


Price: $300

Wishing Star Package


Duration: 45-60 minutes

Includes: Meet and Greet service- perfect for large events with lots of people and additional, separate activities! Photograph/ Autograph opportunity.

Price: $300

Sleeping Princess Package


Duration: 60-75 minutes


Includes: One character of your choice appears in slumber party attire! Also includes two of our special Sleepover Activities listed below. Note, you may also choose from the normal activity section! Please specify if you'd like a combination with two of the makeover options, as extra time may be required for larger groups to ensure each child can be done! Also includes bedtime story!

Price: $350

Adventuring Pirates Package


Duration: 60-75 minutes


Includes: Our (very polite) Pirate character will tell the children an original swashbuckling tale before opening up their fearsome pirate (temporary) tattoo parlor. If no tattoos are wanted, our performer will lead the children in a rousing scavenger hunt and play pirate favorite, 'throw the ring on the hook.'Perfect for seafaring lads and lasses alike!


Price: $350

Dancing Princesses Package


Duration: 60-65 minutes- perfect for large groups and open party spaces!


Includes: One princess of your choice will attend your event in leotard, tights, and color coordinating tutu! Includes one 45 minute dance lesson (Please keep in mind this is not the 'short dance lesson' listed in the Activities box), Remaining time is for photos and autographs.

Price: $350

Royal Academy/ Tea Party


Duration: 45-60 minutes

Includes: Royal lessons- court etiquette, dining manners, dancing, curtsey practice.This option is also absolutely perfect for tea parties. The character of your choice can also serve tea as they share with the children the traditions and formalities of a high tea service. (*Tea service must be provided*)

Price: $350

Magic Mirror  Packages

Magic Mirror Package


Duration: 30 minutes


Includes: This package is designed for shelter in place measures! 
Through our magic mirrors, our characters can contact you for a virtual visit with you and your loved ones! Whether you are celebrating a birthday, a milestone achievement, or just want to bring some casual magic into your home during this time, we'd love to say hello and send a little light from our kingdom to yours!


Price: $85

Magic Mirror Recording


Duration: 5 minutes


Includes: This is a brief recording from our family to yours! One character of your choice will send a prerecorded file for you to treasure for ages to come! We can do custom birthday messages, a quick hello, and so much more! 





Price: $25

Altering your package:
In Person Visits: 

Each Additional Character: $75


Princess Escort: Personal handlers are necessary to help enforce social distance guidelines. If there is an in person event, please note we will charge an additional $100/hr to account for our personal handlers.

Additional Time: to add 30 minutes to your existing party package, it is an extra $25 added to the initial deposit and an additional $25 per performer, due at the party's completion (total: $50). For parties over two and a half hours long, please contact us for a quote!


Custom Packages: Downpayment for customized packages is half of the Final Price. Please note this is different from our other policies! 

Please note if you request a Makeover Activity for a party lasting 75 minutes or less and you have thirteen or more children expected, an additional 30 minute party extension (and the accompanying $50 fee) is required to ensure each child may fully participate in the activity! 

Magic Mirror Visits: 

Additional Time: $10 for every added 10 minutes to virtual visits.

Each Additional Character: $60

Magic Mirror Dance Class


Duration: 30 minutes


Includes: Need to move around a bit and looking for a more active visit? Not to worry! Many of our performers have an extensive background in dance and lots of experience teaching children! One character of your choice can do a ballet, jazz, or exercise based class for your little one! (Recommended for ages 4+) 
*Please note, the character will appear in appropriate dance/workout attire to suit the movement and will not be in their traditional costume*


Price: $125

Magic Mirror Tea


Duration: 30 minutes


Includes: For this package, we recommend each parent have a pot of their child's favorite tea and a variety of finger foods on hand! (We recommend finger sandwiches, cookies, soup or salad, and a large napkin to place on their lap!) Your chosen princess will hold an etiquette lesson throughout the tea party and teach your child how to curtsy at the very end! 



Price: $85

Base Activities

~ Temporary Tattoos*

~ Hair Tinseling*

~ Face Bedazzling*

~Coronation Ceremony: $30 for silver crystal tiara (or you may provide your own), $5 for added Princess Certificate

~ Hair Chalking/Wax* (Note:May temporarily stain pale hair for 2-4 washes)

~ Royal Parlour Games
~Short Dance Lesson (Note: separate from the Dancing Princess package- Princess will not be in tutu for this option)
~ Mini Makeover*
~Singalong Experience (Must provide sound system. Please note if this is your preferred activity early on). Added fee: $15 per performer

* Denotes a Makeover Option. Requires additional time/fee for groups of thirteen or more, or if used in combination with other activities. 

For specialized events, or for large events with 75+ guests, please contact us here for a quote!


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