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 What are your COVID precautions?

At the moment, our parties are looking a little different than normal. While we are still doing virtual parties, some outdoor events are now allowed, given that proper precautions can be effectively taken. For outdoor events, we request some kind of cover (tent, large trees, etc) for our performers and mandate that all guests keep six feet distance (masks are sometimes off if there is singing). We have a rope we ask guests not to cross for the duration of storytime, so this means less, if any, physical contact with the performers, and masks are to be worn by all parties, including performers.We occasionally require a personal handler in our pricing for live events to ensure social distancing protocol is followed for everyone's safety! Our performers are fully vaccinated or are in the process of getting their full vaccination. Our goal is to keep everyone safe while still having a good time. 

 Do you plan parties too, or do you just provide entertainment?

We now do both! Check our page here for details. Please contact us for a separate quote if you would like event coordinating services.

What forms of payment do you accept?


We accept Venmo, Paypal, Google Pay, or Squarecash! Full payment must be made by the end of your event. 

You only offer one of the characters I'm looking for- Can I book your company with another princess company?


We do not allow performers from other  companies to work the same parties as us. This is because our high quality performers go through a specific training process, and our party structure may not align with the other company. We wouldn't want to offer anything less than perfect! If there is enough time, we may be able to acquire your desired character by your event date. Just ask!

I have boys at my party! What do I do? Do you have male characters?

Never fear! This is a common question, though more often than not, boys are just as fascinated by meeting a real live princess or faerie! We do offer pirate parties, but at this time we do not have any male characters to offer on a regular basis. If there is enough time, we may be able to acquire your desired character by your event date. Just ask!

How did you get your start?

Our company owner Noelani was introduced to event coordination and character performance in California in 2015 where she was hired on as a performer for the award winning company, The Cinderella Company. She enjoyed making magic for events of all sorts for several years there until moving to NYC in 2017! She had such a wonderful time making dreams come true that she decided to open her own company right here in Manhattan that year!

Do you have your own venue?

While we do prefer to travel to you, we do have an event space available for let at Castle Headquarters on the Upper West Side. Please inquire for insurance packets and separate paperwork! Additional fees apply. 

If you have additional questions, click here to go to our Contact Page, or send us an email at! You may also request to view our Client Contract. Fantastic Dreams Entertainment is a Limited Liability Company and is not to be used as a day care service. Adult supervision is required at all parties so that our performers can sing, dance, and play to their best abilities!

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