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Items Available for Purchase
Here you can view some of our items available for purchase! Some items are not pictured here. If you'd like to view a sample of an item not pictured, give us a shout and we'll make one for you ASAP! Please note, due to material availability, styles or colors may slightly vary, but we promise a quality product each time! Smaller items must be bought in the quantity specified below.

~Under the Sea Crown: $25 for single, or Set of 10:   $200  

~Under the Sea Bobby pins: $20 for Set of 10

~Thingamabob Hairclips: $40 for Set of 10

~Matching tutu for your Dancing Princess Package: $25 each, Set of 10 (single color): $200, Set of 10 (two colors): $225
~ Coronation Bobby Pins: $25 for Set of 10
~ Frozen Fractal Pins: $15 for Set of 3, or $35 for Set of 9
~ Sailor Newspaper Hat: Set of 5: $15
~Silver and crystal tiara: $30 each

Thingamabob Hairclip
Frozen Fractal Bobby Pins
Under the Sea Crown, Coronation Bobby Pins
Under the Sea Crown, Various
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